Prohibited Cargo

List of security prohibited goods and objects:
A variety of firearms, including: Military weapons, hunting rifles, shotguns, toy weapons which are very similar to real weapons.
o    A variety of cool weapons, including: Swords, daggers, knives, trench, a variety of knives, carpet knife, scalpel, scissors, toe boxing and other similar objects
o    A variety of ammunition including: Ammunition, grenades, explosives such as TNT, C4, Dynamite, Explosive detonators
o    A variety of sprays including:  Tear gas, Peper, toxic or anesthetic Spray
o    Fast flammable materials
Entrance prohibited goods at customs:
Alcohol, gambling devices, satellite reception equipment, hot and cold weapons, explosives, drugs, psychoactive Drugs, publications, videos, photos, writings or any cargo against environment and religious values and are Country disruptive based on  public order and other non-religious and legal cargos or the cargos which their entrance or existence is prohibited based on the Customs Tariff.

The goods prohibited on leaving:
Antiques, stone and print manuscripts, original Artwork and calligraphic pieces, miniature papers, variety of precious and old stones, the Holy Quran not containing verified Seal from the publishing Quran Stewardship Council. 35mm movies, works of art and musical instruments which are among the Iran cultural heritage, Carpets that have historical value and are cultural heritage, pistachio nuts and saffron from the pilgrimage travelling to the holy Shrines or other holy banned sites . (Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria)
according to the law, transportation, storage and use of drugs and psychedelic Is a crime, which accordingly banned travelers from entrance or exit.

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