Clause A

Full insurance, condition A
In this kind of insurance, all risks that may happen during transportation from origin to final destination that leads to probable loss are covered. In other words,  in condition A insurance, the company is responsible to compensate for all loss without franchises reduction, unless the loss is due to other factors that are not mentioned in clause A.
Insurance with total loss condition
If the respected insurer has total loss insurance, if cargo damages and ruins due to fire, drown, and in case the cost of repair and saving is more than the value of cargo, the loss will be compensated fully by insurance.
Risks covered by Clause A
-Chipping, tilt, scratches and impact damage, stain removal
-Loses due to third parties
-Loses due to rain and sun
-Loses due to hook, corruption by oil, dirty with mud, paint or acid
-Loses due to staff fault during loading cargo
-Commodity nearby (smell, crash, pollution)
-Worm or mouse and insect corrosion
-No delivery
-Abrasion and rusty
-Fall down
This insurance doesn’t cover loss due to below mentioned cases:
-Loss or costs due to inability in ship or boat sailing
-Inappropriate condition of ship, boat, container or lift one, for carrying secured transportation of insured cargo, if insurer or his staff know about this inability in sailing or inappropriate condition while loading insured cargo on mentioned transportation vehicles.
-The insurer ignores all violation of mentioned commitments related to incapability in ship sailing and inappropriate condition of ship for transportation of insured cargo to final destination, unless insurer or his staff know about this.
-Ruining the cargo, damaging, or costs due to war, internal war, revolution, uprising, or internal struggles due to these acts or any other hostile activities by or against one of hostile groups.
-Arrestment, confiscation, and seizure or effects due to these acts, (except piracy) or effects due to starting them and defects caused by mine, left bombs and other left and abandoned war equipment .
-damage or costs due to the act of strikers, prevention from workers entrance or the act of those who participate in worker conflicts, riots or disarrays.
-Striking, not working, workers conflicts, riots or internal disarrays, every terrorist act or political motivation.
Exceptions in Clause A:
All mentioned exception items in B & C conditions, except intentional injury or destruction of insured commodity or a part of it with bad intention of anybody, forms the exceptions of condition A.   

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