Clause B

The insurance with conditions B
The insurance having conditions B, Compensates damages (will be referred in the category of conditions B) as a result of certain hazards.
Refer of the insurance policy in the context of total loss
If you, the esteemed insurance policyholder, possess Tose`e total loss insurance , in the time of losing the entire cargo because of fire, drown or at whole if the damage extent is more than cost of repair and rescue  of cargo, Tose`e insurance will  compensate the total loss.  
Risks and hazards under support of Close B
•    Earthquake, Volcanic activity or thunderbolt
•    Product being washed from the deck
•    Sea, river our lake water penetration to the ship or barge and to the container yard   
•    Sea, river our lake water penetration to the land Lift van vehicles or product keeping plce
•    Total loss of every package in the ship or barge
•     Total loss of every package as a result of falling in the time of loading/unloading from the ship or barge
•    Some exceptions under the conditions B and C:
•    Loss, damage or cost due to insurer malfunction
•    Collapse, ordinary deduction of weight or volume or ordinary corrosion under the insurance support
•    Loss, damage or cost due to inadequacy or unsuitability of packing or readiness of the cargo carriage under the insurance support for carrying inserted (package) which includes  lading on the container and the van lifting , provided that the cargo insurance procedure has been already started by Insurer our his/her staff.
•    Loss, damage or cost due to Inherent defect and problem in the insurance itself.
•    Loss, damage or cost due to delay, even if this delay is the result of insured risks (with the exception of fees payable to the public damage).
•    Loss, damage or cost due to bankruptcy or Insolvency of the owners, managers , tenants or the ship owners, or failure in financial commitments from them
•    Damage or deliberate destruction of the whole or part of Cargo under insurance with ill will of any person.
•    Loss, damage or cost due to the use of any weapon or nuclear energy that has radioactive reaction. This insurance does not include damage or loss in the result of the below :

o    Damage or cost due to the inability of sailing ships or barges.
o    The insurer passes up the breach of implied obligations regarding ship sailing inability and ship unsuitability for carrying the insured cargo to destination, just with the exception that the insurer of the staff be not aware of that.
o    Unsuitability of ship, barge, Vehicle, container or lift van for safe carriage of the cargo insured, under condition that the Insurer or his staff are not inform from such an inability in sailing or unsuitability of the cargo insured  in the above noted vehicles.
o    Cargo destruction, damage or any cost due to the costs imposed because of war, internal war, revolution, riot or internal clashes due to these cases or any other hostile act done by or against one of the hostile powers.
o    Cargo seize, capture, confiscate or the effects of these affairs(With the exception of piracy) or the effects of actions started in doing the above and damages of minh, torpedo, abandoned bombs or other Weapons of war left and abandoned.
o    Damage or expense resulting from the action of strikers, preventing workers from entering or act of the people who participate in labor conflicts, riots or civil disturbances.
o    Strikes, closure of business, labor disputes, riots or civil disturbances, act of any terrorist or any person his acting is politically motivated.

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